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Worked on Kerrygold for multiple asks. This page breaks down the different work and assets I created for content.


Animation / Design / Art Direction



Digital OOH - Ireland

Assignment was to create digital OOH which educates people on the new format of Kerrygold butter in Ireland, Sticks in 100g portions. Lead animator who worked with creative directors.

Creative Team

Samantha Green / Dane Canada / Josh Parmenter

Dundrum DX

Dundrum DX

Mall AdShel

Mall dPod

Mall dPod

Product/Inform Social

Created social assets for Kerrygold to educate their audience on what is unique about different products in their global portfolio. Helped to concept, design, art direct and animate.

Creative Team

Talia Adler / Dane Canada / Josh Parmenter / Sarah Abrams

100g Stick (Ireland) - 9x16

100g Stick (Ireland) - 1x1

Customer Testimonial (UK) 9x16

Customer Testimonial (UK) 1x1

Starts with Kerrygold (US) 1x1

Starts with Kerrygold (US) 9x16

Starts with Kerrygold (Ireland) 2x3

Starts with Kerrygold (UK) 1x1

Enriching Every Meal: Butter (US) 1x1

Enriching Every Meal: Butter (US) 9x16

Enriching Every Meal: Butter (Ireland) 2x3

Enriching Every Meal: Butter (UK) 1x1

Enriching Every Meal: Cheese (US) 2x3

Enriching Every Meal: Cheese (US) 1x1

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