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KIND: Breakfast Campagin


Lead designer & animator for the product-focused portion of KIND's 2023 Breakfast Campaign. Who's main message is "you don't have to be a morning person to be a kind person." Due to timeline constraints, I guided another animator to help with the total of 39 deliverables.


Animation / Design / Creative Direction / Art Direction

Creative Team

Bethany Berg / Austin Navickis / Jon Leachman



Dark Chocolate Chunk

4x5 - 6s

9x16 - 12s

Peanut Butter

16x9 - 12s

Chocolate with Almonds

4x5 - 12s

9x16 - 6s

Oats & Honey

9x16 - 12s

Soft Baked

16x9 - 6s

16x9 - 12s

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